Tree and Stream

Story of the Tree and Stream

About this particular picture

Stream; Good morrow, youngest and beautiful tree i ever saw on my course!

Tree; Where the hell are you coming from awaking me at 5 o'clock?

Stream; Pardon me little boy, i beseech you.

Tree; If u ever again do this, i'll barricade your flow with my mighty roots and rotten will you parish here.

Tree; But the joy i am blessed with singing this song is immeasurable.

Tree; Stop. I will plague your tongue, be quiet. do not break my peace.

Stream; No matter what you say, I've got to norish and nurse you with extra care for you 
are too young to comprehend.
Tree; Why dn't you otherwise cease to exist?

Stream; Alas! How can my words make you understand? 

Tree; Therefore off you now. I'll spur high above the mounts to watch and destroy your source.  
Will send my leaves where you respite so that 
i can ablaze your resting place. And then you never will start or end.

At this the stream was shattered and saddened. Then next season (winter), stream planned to reduce its own amount through its channel so that the disturbance can be minimized though it was 
next to impossible to get all gone.  
The tree with bundles of resentments, pushed itself high in to the sky to look for the source, but was unable to define it. Sky itself was its source sometimes and at other times unseen.
Its leaves hurried to the shore to burn its home but only to repent with incessant cries and sobs for the ocean was vast and silent, welcoming and venerable.

The very day, the tree weeped with torrential flow, and its heart melted down to its roots. As a sign of regret the leaves of the tree cried whenever it rains with drops from its leave tops, as a token of its respect it sent those ivy from its heart to the ground and bow down with unthinkabable submissiveness.



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    First of all congratulations. Enjoyed reading ur post thoroughly. Expecting to read more of ur post in future....:D

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