Bhutan and People

Above: Taktsang, Paro
Below: Natural environment of Bhutan

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Kings of Bhutan

The First King of Bhutan, Ugyen Wangchuk

The First King of Bhutan, Ugyen Wangchuk

The Second King of Bhutan, Jigme Wangchuk

The Second King of Bhutan, Jigme Wangchuk

The Third King of Bhutan, Jigme Dorji Wangchuk

Memorial Chhorten, In memory of the Third King

The Fourth King of Bhutan, Jigme Singye Wangchuk

The Fourth King of Bhutan, Jigme Singye Wangchuk with Her Majesties

Top: The Fourth King Crowning the Fifth King
Below: The Fifth King, Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuk and Her Majesty Jetsun Pema Wangchuk

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Pregnant Girl

Uncertain was the death of a young beautiful girl’s wondrous lover. 
He was just 25 and herself 20. There wasn’t any taste on her tongue 
and happiness in her eyes following the loss of her only beloved that 
she cherished above anything else in this world. Yet, at times she 
could sense the piteous smile and laughter of his precious soul line 
he had sown in the fertile land of her womb. And that brought her 
alive of her smile and happiness.

It was almost nine months and she became quite excited. 
But unfortunately the delivery was really challenging and doctors 
advised her to get operated. She was too stubborn that the doctors’
 proposals were turned down. It was indeed an unbelievable mystery 
that she did not undergo any operational therapy, did not deliver 
and nothing happened to her.

Everybody was amazed and a message of wonder rang at 
everyone’s ears. The confused girl lived and lived, lived for years 
and decades until her death at the age of 105 years. After her death 
all the kings, doctors, people, every body gathered  and they 
decided to get her operated since everyone was so curious to 
know the secret behind the mystery. The world most experienced,
 trained doctor with his helpers operated her and, what then?

In her womb there were two old man arguing  with each other;
One of the two old men said to the other, “You go first”,
The other replied, “You go first, then I will follow you”
It was really the hottest and non-negotiable dispute.
                                  And everybody was surprised to see that.

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A Letter


If there is anything in this world that I can offer you, it will be my bonny
arms my dear friend. If it is just a case of distance not making our hearts
to grow fonder, love is in the distance, yet I know not of distance nor
know I of any love but my only heart ache along with every thought that
flutters in my withering soul.

It has been so long that we haven’t had any exchange of word or glimpse
and so is my anguished grief. Every time in my broken sleep I see you and
every time I wake up I long to see you, and, oftentimes the day becomes t
he night. The day you left me was the day I left myself. The sun has set at
noon and the night has fallen before dusk.
If I ever were empowered to customize the passing hour of the time and
if vicious wrinkles only refrain from stealing the beauty from my pallid face,
I at this very hour would not pour forth my long pent up emotions in
torrents of sobs and cries. 

Fifteen years back, I knew not of how I would complete next five years 
of my study and another five years of higher studies.
Seconds passed in to a minute, minutes in to an hour, hours passed
in to a day and days in to a week, weeks passed in to a month and
months turned in to year.  In retrospect now it’s just like flashes of lightning
which disappears ere we can say ‘it lightens’. It has come to an abrupt end
and those ten years is only like a second passed now.  I sometimes climb
on the rock and await your coming, I clear my drowsy eyes to see if you are
approaching and I raise my head to welcome you but sadly it wouldn’t be
you my dear friend. How and in what length shall I explain to you, my agony
in your absence, when even the Plains of India fractures under the
piles of my grief?

When I walk my shadow walks too. When I halt my shadow stops too and
wherever I go it follows me. Is your soul carried by my shadow? But the
shadow disappears in darkness, in the darkness of your absence.
My ears listen to one hundred thousand sounds by day but none would
enthrall my soul, my soul seeks one hundred ways to be happy yet
happiness would not seek my soul. Fly not far my dear friend or else
poor soul has no place to lay his faith and like your fellow butterflies stay
awhile, look back and befriend me your friend who has got no wings.

Your forever friend
Mr. Frog

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