At War...

I could from those rattling windows discern the yellow autumn leaves falling down on a low ground; the sun with his sorrow had rendered the western horizon crimson red, and those tremulous doe eyes ebbed with unshed tears.      She never once looked straight in to my eyes; perchance that is the most difficult part at hand. Our only daughter crawled about her loving father who is yet to disappear forever.

The passion in our hearts had gone wild and released the words of loving kindness, but our tongues weighed hundred pounds which otherwise would constantly prate for hours and without reasons.  A glass of water which at that very hour was halfway arrested at my lips seemed dry, chocking my throat and would need another glass of water to flush it down.
“Oh my love, don’t be saddened, for your loving kindness has bestowed me with miraculous potentials to blow the enemies at war” was when I broke the quietness.  She turned away her face from me and silence was all her answer.

At the very moment, from a distant hillside roared my dangerous companions, holding banners high in the sky proclaiming lives, and sand dusts blowing up like the dark smoke of a wildfire, shouting, howling and screaming at the top of their voices.
My beloved flounced away and hurried to her altar, with her shivering hands lit a butter lamp therein.
Then she turned back, with hot flushes of emotions, threw her longing hands round my neck and whispered  in to the hollow of my fearful ears with incessant cries and sobs;

“Oh dear! Will you leave me all alone? Oh beloved! Will you not speak me a word? Alas! What untimely has this insolent and thirsty fate wrought my heart to its very bottom? How can I now define my life but in absence of my love? People say that they need their beloveds when they are in need, they say they need them when they feel lonely and to make their livings but I must say that I need you when you are not with me.”     That is the very hour when my powerful eyes simply didn’t have any control over the torrential flow of my tears.  
Within no time were my fellow mates awaiting my coming at our solitary garden below our silhouette. And it was only when her warm hands left my cold bosom that my pale face could no longer hold back its true expressions and my heart broke in to hundred pieces but how would I ever disclose it, how?

She escorted me to my battle mates and straight away I myself became one of them. She didn’t have any word to say save prayers in her heart for I myself was speechless. The moment I hugged our daughter and kissed the lonely lips of my beloved is the moment when my mates pulled me on to a horse and galloped away in to the malicious forest.
I cleared my eyes, looked back and could see her left hand holding our daughter, her right hand was pressed against her heart, she wasn’t at ease, was yelping, saying something quite vivid but I was far away in to the dusts to comprehend her words, hence I vanished in to the wilderness.


After seven years we hoisted our flags of victory at the battlefield and then, with all my hopes and joys rekindled, turned my happy face homeward. “O dear! How much have I missed you? In your absence, I was simply like a plant striving to thrive in the desert, and like a destitute flower longing for its love messenger, the wasp. Come my love come, I am back to you, I would now no longer be able to bear your absence. Come, come close to my heart for I will never be away anymore” was all that clung to my joyous heart as I drove back.
Yester eve I safely reached my garden and prepared myself of my face and hands to hold my beloved. And I walked forward smiling, walked forward and walked forward until I beheld my only daughter nestled in the crossed arms of her tearful cousin and myself standing on a sorrowful grave like a doe who has lost its mother.


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