If there is any worthy word that can describe the feelings of one’s heart, an ascetic hermit would never explore the dark caves of the great Himalayas. The feelings inside of him would at times ask him of rather inexplicable sorrow and at other times would have his little heart enraptured in boundless ecstasy. He therefore sought numberless teachers and learned preachers but his confused face would never show any sign of contentment. He wandered in to thousand thoughts, he never closed his eyes for weeks and started contemplating over the essence of his very existence yet he just had only one thought in all his head and like a faithful dog it had followed his footsteps throughout his entire life.

When the soul grabs on to the body, it is the body that comes in to existence and we know not if we are to survive our soul or the body. The soul that has the potential to fly and hover high above the hills and vales also has the weakness of falling below the depths of sea and ocean. The soul that even has the latent potential to see the things behind him also has the weakness of becoming blind of the things before him. The soul who can actually nourish the body without any external nourishment also has equal weakness of falling a prey on to the food we feed our body with.

Light is not a light when there already is a light and we can never see the light rather than the things in presence of light. Remember, the darkness is just the absence of light. Likewise sorrow is just the absence of happiness. No teachers in this world can teach us anything. They only help us explore what is already present inside of us yet we know not what is there in us.

I sometimes yearn if I would forever live on this earth, but then my barren heart has the reason far removed than the bold claim I make. Yet if we can breathe the air occasionally like the food we eat, I would breathe now and then rest for about next twenty four hours, but how would I.

The moment we smile, smile is more than just a smile. The moment we shed tears, tears is more than just tears and within reason or beyond reason, life is no life where there is life with no life.

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Jobs for Jobless

“Over 86% of the students passed the examinations this year.
Less than 15% of the students who attended the examinations will be taken into the Royal University of Bhutan.
Over 8,500 students sat for the exam last year”

Picture-Bhutan Observer
The above statement is an excerpt from a page on “Class xii results out, Science tops” in Kuensel webpage. It is very clear from the statement that our Government has very less and negligible care for the youths of Bhutan or I am not very sure if the media has not completed its sentence since it just talked about passed percentage of students, Less than 15% absorbing in to the RUBs and the total number of students who had appeared the examinations and abruptly putting an end to the article without saying anything for those who wouldn’t be in that 15%, while 85% of the readers of this article from class 12 passed outs would be those who did not qualify for this 15%.  In fact this article is like a sand paper rubbing on a wound than a plaster to it. Though it makes 15% of class 12 passed outs happy, it makes 85% of them unhappy which is totally against the claim that we boldly make our country to be the world GNH country.  I feel sensitivity must be taken care in every field.
In another article it says “With the class XII results out, the scholarship and student support division announced that there are 232 slots for undergraduate scholarship slots this year”, of which 30 will be offered in RTC. Some other sources say of some special scholarships, ‘More scholarships under TICA-http://www.bbs.bt/news/?p=873 ,  Special scholarship launched- http://www.bbs.bt/news/?p=6071 , etc.

15% of 8500= 1275 students which will be absorbed by RUBs, it says less than 15% but let’s take it15%
X% of 8500= 232 Scholarship students and
X% of 8500= x, which is 100 students (let’s assume) getting in to other sponsorships.
Therefore a total of 1607 (1275+232+100) students are absorbed without question.

Then what will happen to remaining 6900 students? Yes, I believe some may join private colleges and some may get absorbed in to some jobs but still than some significant number will remain behind with their eyes searching for their hopes and wandering about the city constantly.
Those are we unlucky boys and girls. But do not worry, we can always find a solutions ourselves. We need to start with something. Everybody has great equal potential but the thing is that we do not explore it, so it remains dormant and dead inside of us. Or do not call it fate and stay asleep because fate is something that we can make. Now let’s explore ourselves;

To start with, the most important thing is ‘Beautiful mind set’.
Most of us fail to get a grip of our own thoughts. As a result we land up doing unacceptable and notorious activities in the society disrupting its peace and harmony. By beautiful mind set, it means thinking good thoughts and doing good things. Good things are impossible to define at personal level but here it refers to socially acceptable and plausible activities.

The second thing is ‘Patience’.
No matter even if we are jobless but do not be impatient. Even if we start doing something today, the result may not come tomorrow; everything has its own specific period of time. Patience is one of the major elements in making our lucks favor us.

Now coming to the so called ‘job’ it is not necessary to seek job under anybody. The days of a month would seem so lazy in desperate need of money. Those who seek and get offered, it’s good that they were lucky but those who are rejected are luckier from one point of view.  You start with something new!
With something new that will blow the minds of people miles away, leaving them aghast and nothing more could they say than wow!

How to do or start with something new or what is that something new? This doesn’t only apply to those jobless but those who are in jobs can also try it.

If it is something new that you invent, then it is excellent but it will be excellent enough even if we start on something that already exists. Something new is- Create Jobs!
Doctor – available
Teacher- available
Sweeper- available
Technician- available
Ministers- available
Engineers- available, etc. then what is not available? Think?

Facebook was never there before. Somebody created and designed it; now he earns billions. How was GNH proposed? It’s a prestige now, there are so many people working under it. Like hotmail was created recently and there onwards million of users. New games are proposed every day.

Create something new ‘xxxxxxxxxx’ that will attract a good number of customers. To do this we need to do a survey on human psychology and situation. Its not hard to do it if we know what people need now and what likely will they need in the times to come.  We need to take advantage of the situation and people’s interest at most and design everything according to it. Never try to fight with your rival instead we must fight with the situation and it will be more effective.

Invent and design a new game? Will it be national specific or international?
Do you want to design wings on your body and fly? Yes we can do this. We must have faith and determination in what we do. In modern days people do not inspire us to do something new instead they mock and criticize for doing such unbelievable things but you carry on. Do not think it’s impossible and nobody has done it before, believe me, everything has its first time.

If you have a broken mobile, go on repairing yourself. Or do you sing? Go on singing. Read books and start writing, write poems, movie scripts, sometimes let your fingers roll over the strings of a guitar because the so called magic or the so called interest doesn’t lie within our selves, it is out sourced, it comes from outside.

Sleep for a while, wake up afresh and imagine. Imagination is greater than intelligence. Imagination will make you creative.  newton, Albert Einstein and great scientists always imagined before they invented something new. Go, travel deep in to your thoughts and soul, there you may see the world resting on your fingers!

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H.H. Dungtse Rinpoche

Dungtse Rinpoche’s father Dudjom Rinpoche who was recognized as the reincarnation of Dudjom Lingpa (terton) was the founder of The Dudjom New Treasure which is considered as one of the Nyingmapa’s sect. At the appropriate moment disciples appear in the world as Tertons, or revealors of these teachings which are known as Terma, or Treasures of Dharma. These teachings were to be discovered at certain time periods, when the beings were in need of a particular teaching to remove obstacles, sickness and various other catastrophies. Terma are dharma treasure. H.H Dudjom Rinpoche, a great Terton, received numerous direct transmissions from Guru Padmasambhava. His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche was one of these treasure discoverers and he revealed many teachings that would benefit beings at the time of war, famine and world disharmony that we are facing at the present moment. So the Dudjom Tersar is fresh, vivid, and direct with no loss of meaning, words or blessing. These teachings flowed from Guru Rinpoche to Dudjom Rinpoche, from Dudjom Rinpoche to Dungtse Rinpoche, from Dungtse to Garab Rinpoche and to us is a direct short lineage. Therefore this lineage is uncontaminated and knows no degeneration by broken samayas. The blessing and attainments are immediate.

Under the guidance of his father, Dungtse Rinpoche was the chief architect of Memorial Chhorten in Thimphu, Bhutan which was built in 1974 to honour the memory of late Third King of Bhutan, Jigme Dorji Wangchuk.

His Holiness Dungtse Thinley Norbu Rinpoche passed away on 26th of December, 2011 in the hospital in California at the age of eighty.  Dungtse Rinpoche is the father of Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche and Dungtse Garab Dorje Rinpoche,  He was considered to be an emanation of the fourteenth-century Nyingma master Longchempa. It was said that his body would be brought to Bhutan after 21 days from his death.

Our lord protector His Holiness Kyabje Dungse Thinley Norbu Rinpoche passed into parinirvana last night. Rinpoche wrote down a message for all of us, asking that everyone do Vajrasattva practice for three weeks. These were Rinpoche’s last vajra words for us.  http://www.vajrayana.org/tnr.html

On 31st January, 2011, Rinpoche’s dead body arrived in the Bhutan Embassy in India, New Delhi where his followers and devotees received in great faith and devotion with H.H. Garab Rinpoche leading the procession. This small group of devotees was comprised of Rinpoche’s root followers both from Bhutan and United States, and Bhutanese people from in and around Delhi. The next day, the death body will be arrived in Paro, Bhutan.

“Do not think that Rinpoche needs our help with puja. Don’t have that concept. This is our practice so that we can receive Rinpoche’s blessings and have a taste of Rinpoche’s wisdom mind and how to seal Rinpoche’s wisdom mind with our mind. That is the purpose for us to do puja with faith and devotion.”  

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