Royal Couple in New Delhi, in Embassy of Bhutan

If there only was an instrument which could measure the depth of one’s joy; if the god only had devised the happiness as a tangible form so that others can see it; or if happiness was but just like the four elements of earth so that we can feel it, I, at this very moment would not let my fingers roll over this dusty keyboard for the discourse of the dance my fingers perform and the expression of the words they write are but far far below the true feelings of my heart.
Today, on this beautiful eve of the 26th Oct, 2011, with the Embassy of Bhutan in New Delhi dressed in mesmerizing and colorful lights, at my rate about three hundred of Bhutanese students and employees in Delhi were awaiting the arrival of our newly married royal couple. After a few minutes of my unease on the chair, my brows raised quite above others heads for there appeared from the left our beloved king and queen beaming forth the beautiful rays of compassion and love in to the little hearts of their humble subjects.
As our majesty’s words of how important the social values and education are to us throughout our lives enthralled our ears as to the melody of the sweetest music, our hearts were enraptured in boundless ecstasy and felt more responsive as I ever felt. And though our withered virtues and merits haven’t pulled us to the actual wedding at Changlingmithang to witness our Majesty’s balmier kisses on beauteous check of Her Majesty, some residue of our virtues had graced us to witness our royal kisses once again on this wondrous evening.
Shortly, with those valuable words and beautiful sights we all in small groups with His and Her Majesty rejoiced at a cup of tea and snacks. It was like a folk of birds encircling their father and mother and rejoicing at their presence and kind words. And would anyone believe me if I say that at that very moment I with tears in my eyes placed myself aside, took out a pen and a sheet of paper, noted down something, something which could convince the world around me, then paused for a moment and crumpled it and flew it down to the ground for those I scribbled on it would not be possible to express how happy my heart was?
Within no time the joyous event came to an abrupt end and we all drove back to our respective homes with all hearts elated and enlightened. Now, as I lay in between these four dark walls of my empty room, my mind wandered sometimes in to the past and oftentimes danced in the vision of tomorrow with my head tossing left and right seeking for the sleep which would never come.



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