Behind bars of jocund company, unhappy I dwell;
Pleasant as the beauteous palace the city may be,
And as spacious as the golden domes my room is,
Yet the bird has its wings waste in the garden of iron cage.

Little drops of water have its thirsty cup wish fulfilled;
Whispers of unknown love enthralled the blossoming flower;
And I certainly lying afore every visitor for few coins,
Definitely have pleasure removed than circumstances compelled.

In never ending line, stretched down the dark corridor,
Men of confused faces and of varied ages;
Neither an exchange of word nor sight or smile be blest,
Down the dim street, disappear one by one had their mission done.

But him, of all known and unknown faces.
Questions my ignorant heart of all unanswerable queries;
And though the ale does no good in fetching the correct answer,
Yet I often drink as it makes me forget the question itself.

The moment you entered my filthy room has my heart then seized,
Thereafter in the dungeon of miseries has it remained under arrest;
And the agony deepens with the flow of every droplet,
Yet you know not of what you have done to my helpless heart.

Alike gentleman when you but walked in to my rusty room,
Has a surge of tenderness, droplets drawn from my motionless eyes;
Befoul the prostitute’s face, aside you turn while making love,
The other side look I of sheer shyness of love and of prostitution.

Virtueless, unworthy, sexually at thirst, foul race is all the world brags of prostitutes,
But how can I explain and how can anyone understand it?
When somebody’s heart melts and flows in torrents of incessant tears,
You know not of what you have done to my innocent heart.

I know not your feelings nor do I return to pry,
Beyond earth and sky does my encaged love blossom,
Failed courage does resort to silence at your very presence,
Yet cherish your shadow following behind you across the threshold as you leave.

If once a day from the dungeon of my prison cell,
Have I but a chance to behold your wondrous face,
Of all the celebrities and the happiest on this vast land,
Happier will I be to remain enclosed in this dark room.

Will you not come to me tonight and enchant my feelings?
Or ye mighty God, bestow me the courage to ask his only name;
Or until when shall my feelings remain concealed underneath my heart,
And pierce through the bitter scars of my wounded heart?

Aches my heart at the absence of your charming face,
Of painful unrest and intolerable agony undergo my little heart,
If I but hear of my distant beloved, a tale of sorrow,
Yet you know not what you have done to my innocent heart.

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                                                                                       Source; http://www.1stwebdesigner.com

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House fly and Stupid

     Upon a foul age, lived there in the hustle and bustle of a crowded city of Yongphula a fool and his
much-loved kitten whose only narrow survival did manage to thrive through the times the
exhausted fool gathered at the end of the day few coins by paying his service as a waiter
in the nearby restaurant. One bitter night, as he lay asleep with his kitten nestled in his
arms, a nasty house fly sometimes danced on his wide open mouth, and often times
awoke him from his deep slumber infuriating him but to no limit. Like an angered tiger
roaring it unbearable message he flew his blankets off his rusty bed and started chasing
the fly vigorously. He climbed on the table, jumped off the bed, kicked the pots and
pans, and punched the blank walls, yet to no avail. After few hours he resorted to silence
simply helpless gazing at the fly making rounds and nipping at his stuff elsewhere.

     Early morn the next day after sleepless night, the fool left for his regular work. But
before leaving me made sure of the traps he had laid at all corners of his rooms, in
kitchen and at the door. He would never let the fly go away as he had set it at the mercy
 of those malicious traps.
     Then in the restaurant, he attended at the commands of his manager, served the hostesses,
visitors, and cleansed the tables.  At the eventide, a huge, over-weighed, bald headed man entered
and asked for a plate of rice and chicken chilli dry. And the fool served him, placed his stuff on his
table. Suddenly the man asked the fool to watch his food for he had to visit the washroom. The fool
stationed himself at the table guarding the food. After few minutes the man returned. The man, with
his meagre form shouted at him and said “Did I not ask you to watch my food you fool, insolent,
pestilent, hopeless fool? Then what about these flies dirtying the food?” the fool was taken aback by
his venomous words and replied with his humble gentleness, “Yes Sir, I watched your food but since
you didn’t ask me to chase away the flies if they ever attacked  it I just kept watching it”. Then the
solid man pounced on him like a furious cat, punched and bruised him.   The dejected and desolate
fool then at night returned from his work with absolute dejection. He flung his door wide open
banging against the wall behind, wanted to see the fly trapped but to his horrid surprise he saw his
only kitten upside down, cold and breathless. Few flies were warbling around it, humming and then
again flying away.

      His teeth clattered, nerves tinged, the blood boiled inside him and shouted at the traps, ’Did I not
ask you to trap those villainous flies you traps, you insolent, pestilent, hopeless traps?’  There wasn’t
any reply. He then covered his head wandering for vicious idea to trap those desperate flies.

     The next morning he brushed, broke his fast, and dressed. Then he applied tremendous, huge
amount of hair oil on his head and upper garment. He thought that if flies ever dare to come around
him or touch on any part of him would slip away as he had made himself so slippery and would be
 dead.  He entered the restaurant and greeted his manager. The manager like the eyes of an owl and
like the ears of a jackal raised his brows quite above their normal horizon and frowned at the fool,
“Mr. Fool, you have been out of your senses nowadays. What is it of that stink which would crack
ones nose and that wets you so filthy? We would no longer be able to withstand your mischievous
behaviour and unwholesome manners, please leave your service; we would not entertain you
The fool was helpless and he then drove his way homeward.
     That same day he planned to visit the church and did so. He carried the corpse of his kitten in his
small bag and right away was inside the church. He placed himself aside on a low bench and prayed.
Attendants in queue were heading for the blessing of a noble priest and he too followed with bated
breath and modest humbleness. Just few steps away from his turn, a fly appeared out of his bag and
beat against his face, rendered him guilty, and made him sneeze countless. He turned his face in
every direction perplexed and with fright; murmur was raised by everybody that he abruptly left the
church without being blessed.  He disappeared in to the wilderness of the forest nearby the city. As
he walked alongside a brook, numberless flies gathered around him humming and merely deafening
him. Then he knelt down and started digging a grave.  At that very moment a group of hungry dogs
ran towards him barking, howling and roaring. 

After few hours when he woke up, he saw one of his arms missing.


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Forever is what everybody yearns and nobody achieves
But happier it is to live together when we breathe
When at sudden does somebody cease to exist
Unbearable pain wrought the heart to endless torments

O precious life, life on this unsubstantial universe
You are but just like the yonder clouds of western horizon
Though I could behold my affectionate mother yesterday
Alone on this lonely earth did she abandon me today

In this erratic land of all uncertainties
With uncleared debts of sinful deeds, wherefore was I born
Was I dead when I was just born
Fain the yoke of anguished grief weighed me no ferocious trouble

The impaired sight couldn’t favour me the desire of going away
The worthless form unable me to prove physical capable
Yet it’s apparently unreasonable to breathe and live long
And aye, accumulated merits is but far beyond the mark sufficiency to depart

Dear gracious mother, O my mother
In the knitted network of torturous burden, which place do u bear in  
Underprivileged orphans of your beloved mother
Do grieve at the lacking chance to pronounce the word ‘mother’

Amen enlightened lord of all the heavens wonderment  
Trampled to ashes by sufferings is my beloved mother
With boundless compassion and loving kindness of your holy lord
Do lend her aid; beseech you, to tread the beauteous path of enlightenment.

                                                                                                “Tabucholay mawa zamling ga” by Duptho Zangmo

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architectural works

 The followings are some of the projects that i have carried out during my architectural course. Click on the picture to see the enlarged one.

Arts and crafts centre in Bhuj, Rajasthan. Severely affected by Earthquake once upon a time. to cater the needs of the people residing in and around the place. it yet covers all the requirements of community centre with food courts, hangouts, existing water body, OAT, shops, etc. i and chimi (group mate) designed it as part of our class assignment in 2 nd year.

Adult literacy centre. 3 rd year

Tree house, 3 rd year

Culture centre, my 3 rd year project. model.

Culture centre, my 3 rd year project, sheet, sec n ele

Office building, my 3 rd year project.   commerce, science and arts art the three main divisions i had taken as the main concepts for my office building project, site option was arbitrary. the left portion of the building depicts the commerce, central the science and the right, arts. not because commerce and arts are behind science but to prove that commerce and arts are also not lacking in anything, or even one day  might overtake science. likewise the activities (office) inside the building has been divided in to Commerce related (in the left side block, science related in the centre block and arts related in the right hand side block. on the other hand the building show cast its loaded meaning by displaying almost like crafted type block for arts centre ( right block). though all three branches of knowledge are separate yet they they all have a common base with one whole common activities and canteens, waiting area, lobby, etc.

the housing, 50 storey, 4 th year project. i, chimi and sonam tobgay. to provide homes to all classes of people, be it high income group, middle income group, low income group or economically weaker section.

administrative block, my internship project

mall, community centre, vegetable market, my internship project.

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Model- arch movie

This movie has a collection of models of offices, culture centres and tree houses of 3rd year students of School of Planning and Architecture, 2009, New Delhi. And music and quotations used in this movie are not mine. Tribute to all 3rd year students.  Thank you.

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Now 5 seasons on earth

     After having taken architecture course, now I myself feel comfortable to present you all, my “ The Five Seasons”.
1.   Spring

2.   Summer                                        
                                                    Natural Seasons
3.   Autumn

4.   Winter

5.   Blind Winter                        Man made Season      

Blind winter has two categories:

a.   It deals with emotions of a man. A person perceives and feels varied and numerous environmental conditions according to his state of mind. A grief-stricken man may feel cold near the fire and warm under moonlight. Though architecture has felt difficulty in tuning itself to such issues, yet it is not far from making efforts to resolve it.

b.   The world where all eyes have been burnt to scorching flames with desires and pride, has been forgetting the very essence of the source of our mere existence. On account of one’s enjoyment and comfort, people involve everybody in the share of their direful after effects.

Pollution and Extinct of resource have now added yet another season on to the earth with threatening consequences.
Architecture and technology are the fields which have been trying to protect man from these malicious effects which always claim our lives no matter what o’clock it is.     Some ministries and departments also try hard to restore the already disturbed peace of nature so alive on this very earth.
But over all it is the unassigned responsibility of every individual to befriend our mother nature so that she lends her warmth and feeds us at her breast with care.

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Husband and Wife

     Upon a foul time of decadent age, lived there in a hustle and bustle of a crowded city, a husband and his wife whose only narrow survival did manage to thrive through the times the exhausted husband gathered at the end of the day few coins of his bitter toil.

     From dawn to dusk and from dusk to the closing of the twilight, his pseudo majestic commanding wife all did was scolded him beyond reasons, berated him, commanded him to her whim, shouted at him, and used him as a tool to craft her happiness and joy by assigning him tasks that mattered not of their scales nor if it befitted him.
The moment the rooster crew, he had to leave his cosy blankets behind while she still laid asleep, at the eventide, the moment he returned from furrowed fields with his plough, he had to befriend the kitchen stuff without even having a chance to take a brief respite.

     Moreover, the wife seated herself on the cushion by the hearth, warbled something, nibbled at something childish, commented on his works, sometimes even twisted and pulled his ears if she wasn’t contented with his performance.
     One day the wife had to visit her distant parents for some urgency and left home early in the morning. But surprisingly the husband wasn’t at all happy that day despite his wife’s cruelty and distempered disposition if she were there. He wasn’t happy not because he loved her, but because of something that nobody knew….he wasn’t happy at all

So can you guess the reason why he wasn’t happy at all?
See below for the reason…

Answer:   He wasn’t at all happy at her absence because he didn’t get a chance to practice patience!

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The king was presented with a birthday gift, click here to see it...

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Somebody sleeping on king's birthday

I suddenly arose from a deep sleep. Then looking at the dark corner of my room, I could discern the switch button of my laptop still blinking, I then tottered forward, with my senses half wakeful, sat at the table and rolled my lazy fingers carelessly over the keyboard.

It was a webpage containing the biography of our 4th King, Jigme Singye Wangchuk, and I was trying to capture its content.   And as I rolled over and over down, it thus read;

I love Bhutan so much, I have seen the king in you tube. I want to visit there.
                   Another comment, karma said;
Long live our king, we celebrate his birth anniversary, 11th nov. with happiness and joy.
                   And yet another;
Joseph Eve;
Long live the king of Bhutan. i have visited Bhutan 10 times and will visit again though im far, once before I die. Lovely king and beautiful country.

Alas! What a wretched, insolent, pestilent, traitor, fool and the beast am I to forget that just few hours later is the auspicious birth anniversary of our fourth king. Cursed be my memory and inflame those wretched keepers of the memories for not reminding me afore time the event, so that after being burnt to ashes, it resurrects in its form so fresh to be able to faithfully carry its assigned tasks.

             Yet another comment;
I love that kid in the pic. I love Bhutan and the king.

Then I have no word left. Nor could I read anymore for my little eyes were incapable of holding back the tears in their sockets. I could no longer respond to my friend talking to me by my side for the words chocked my throat and I felt totally dry and thrilled.

Once again I cleansed my eyes, bid my friend be out, latched the door and wrote;
I prostrate at the feet our king,
So young were you crowned the king,
To shoulder the task that is beyond earth and sky,
When at that age I would be asleep in the little cradle,
You have shone hope and will for your peaceful kingdom.
                 Your gracious Majesty, I fall at your feet yet full of happiness and joy, I unite my heavy palms yet as light as the lightest, and say;
Long live our king,
Happiness dwell his soul,
Be his country wish fulfilled,
And peace be with his humble subjects and the world.

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Beseech you, stay awhile;
Ye shimmering moon over floating cloud banks;
Befriend me upon thy passionate beams;
And make me a child once again just for tonight.

Bechance me hold thy hallowed visit;
Forgive though I behooves not good hostess;
With all my heart here lay I my faithful hand;
Un to the worthy words of my loyal speech.

If foretold and prophesied what would befall me;
Pallid lips of separation could have been withheld;
Sooner am I obliged but to hear foot falls of my beloved;
Fading in to unknown distance at the break of day.

Behold her how like a corpse shrouded in waxen raiment;
Lay on her bed and droplets escaping her eyes asleep;
Here by this window fall I to unfold my anguish in to night at times;
And often times to cherish the last glance of her beauteous face.

What would yield to my anguished grief but torturous surge;
For fantasy far removed from prison cell of your absence;
What would alas, but comfort my unspent passion;
For missing will be the soft and tender love of my beloved forever.

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Appreciate the beauty of an art !!!



                                                                               source- unknown

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cob webs in my rusty room

Leaning against the blank wall of my dusty room oftentimes I wonder of what am I wondering about.  A distant melody of the music had crept silently in to the nerves of my heavy slumber aborting its course to a few minutes.

There I lay with my lethargic stature ready to fall flat and those drowsy eyes seeking desperately for some companion.  As I unfolded my vague sight through the grated oriels and pierced in to the space faraway, the even sun weary of the world it travelled had long lost its warmth over those reddened horizons of western hills.
It was winter and hanging lumps of dust in the air had widespread the noisy capital city of India. The air was cold outside.

As I looked up, the corners of my empty room were beautifully woven by the spiders in to a web of infinite mystery. For I doubt that they must also need a safe home to reside I didn’t care to clear them off those black corners.
But how beautifully the architects of their own home had crafted their stunning den? Suddenly a bee entered my room singing its lovely song. It made some rounds in it like a guest curious of its new land.  If anything in this egocentric world had led it astray it would only be those beauties pleasing our foolish eyes for the bee got caught in the beautiful malicious web of the hungry spiders.

The bee struggled with all its might to escape the trap but to no avail. I withdrew my sight for it would have been better unattained lest I am emotionally disturbed.

The clock had then struck 8 and I with my fellow mates dined at our usual dining, then was shortly back to my room. The room was brightly lit, and after a few moments my fearful ears were raised for I could hear another wasp singing its melody. I assured myself of my bolted door and latched windows. But the wasp bumped itself several times hard against the window pane for it, in my rate, desired to pay its visit to the brightness of the light inside. But I didn’t let it in as both the options were equally cruel. It then fell flat on the ground.

My class assignments were piled up like a heap of burden that kept hunting me even in to my lonely sleep and knowing of its worthless would wake me up untimely. That eve also, one more layer added to the pile for I didn’t feel like working. I then resorted to silence, laid myself on the bed with my eyes and mouth wide open wondering about wonders.
Suddenly something fell on my face from nowhere. And was I then startled. I woke up to see what it was, but to my astonishment it all was a piece of bone of a bee that the cunning spider had dropped down on my face.


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king and queen

In heavenly abode of the kingdom Bhutan;
Are we blessed to have taken form;
Where Buddhism has touched every heart,
Of the soul dwelling in this miraculous nestling parcel.  

The world brags of passionate gentle king;
Of his loving kindness and bountiful compassion;
That he holds in his heart and timeless soul;
For his little humble subjects encircling his vision of undying faith.

The beauteous of all wondrous moments;
Is to behold how lovely do their majesties dear;
May the might and oneness of all prayers of their subjects;
Lengthen the peaceful lifespan of their considerate majesties.

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Love at First Sight

Dimly were the lamps lit across the lawn;
Beauties of unknown faces stole my sight;
Of what joy and thrust I had, have no answer;
When my untamed tongue thus said “hi, are u not …”

Of what sudden and of what duration will our time last,
Methinks of the shackles stop the hour hands,
Or will the god bless me with one more min,
For I’ll but let her know of what my longing eyes bespeak.

Lively and wondrous were you smiling from my left;
Melody of unheard voice yet enthralled my ears;
Was I then more cautious of anything unworthy I pronounced;
Or of what position must I humbly attend your marvelous mistress.

Would I be wronged to forsake your smiles for a fairer love?
Am I at flirt to convert your gentle voice a loving kindness?
Did u not see my helpless eyes asking you something forgiving?
For my heart truly had surrendered at the glistening of your eyes.

Unease was I oftentimes whilst we exchanged newer words;
Sometimes did I withdraw of my focused sight from her;
And when in to some unknown directions did I look;
Was the moment when I lost my dearer lady amidst the crowd.

Will I not have but one more chance to behold your amorous beauty?
Or have I grabbed un to any illegal opportunity there withal?
To what silence had my heart resorted in very absence of you?
And of what grief does my ailing heart long every minute?
Are all answerless questions wavering across me like to the flags in the mighty storm.

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Royal Couple in New Delhi, in Embassy of Bhutan

If there only was an instrument which could measure the depth of one’s joy; if the god only had devised the happiness as a tangible form so that others can see it; or if happiness was but just like the four elements of earth so that we can feel it, I, at this very moment would not let my fingers roll over this dusty keyboard for the discourse of the dance my fingers perform and the expression of the words they write are but far far below the true feelings of my heart.
Today, on this beautiful eve of the 26th Oct, 2011, with the Embassy of Bhutan in New Delhi dressed in mesmerizing and colorful lights, at my rate about three hundred of Bhutanese students and employees in Delhi were awaiting the arrival of our newly married royal couple. After a few minutes of my unease on the chair, my brows raised quite above others heads for there appeared from the left our beloved king and queen beaming forth the beautiful rays of compassion and love in to the little hearts of their humble subjects.
As our majesty’s words of how important the social values and education are to us throughout our lives enthralled our ears as to the melody of the sweetest music, our hearts were enraptured in boundless ecstasy and felt more responsive as I ever felt. And though our withered virtues and merits haven’t pulled us to the actual wedding at Changlingmithang to witness our Majesty’s balmier kisses on beauteous check of Her Majesty, some residue of our virtues had graced us to witness our royal kisses once again on this wondrous evening.
Shortly, with those valuable words and beautiful sights we all in small groups with His and Her Majesty rejoiced at a cup of tea and snacks. It was like a folk of birds encircling their father and mother and rejoicing at their presence and kind words. And would anyone believe me if I say that at that very moment I with tears in my eyes placed myself aside, took out a pen and a sheet of paper, noted down something, something which could convince the world around me, then paused for a moment and crumpled it and flew it down to the ground for those I scribbled on it would not be possible to express how happy my heart was?
Within no time the joyous event came to an abrupt end and we all drove back to our respective homes with all hearts elated and enlightened. Now, as I lay in between these four dark walls of my empty room, my mind wandered sometimes in to the past and oftentimes danced in the vision of tomorrow with my head tossing left and right seeking for the sleep which would never come.


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At War...

I could from those rattling windows discern the yellow autumn leaves falling down on a low ground; the sun with his sorrow had rendered the western horizon crimson red, and those tremulous doe eyes ebbed with unshed tears.      She never once looked straight in to my eyes; perchance that is the most difficult part at hand. Our only daughter crawled about her loving father who is yet to disappear forever.

The passion in our hearts had gone wild and released the words of loving kindness, but our tongues weighed hundred pounds which otherwise would constantly prate for hours and without reasons.  A glass of water which at that very hour was halfway arrested at my lips seemed dry, chocking my throat and would need another glass of water to flush it down.
“Oh my love, don’t be saddened, for your loving kindness has bestowed me with miraculous potentials to blow the enemies at war” was when I broke the quietness.  She turned away her face from me and silence was all her answer.

At the very moment, from a distant hillside roared my dangerous companions, holding banners high in the sky proclaiming lives, and sand dusts blowing up like the dark smoke of a wildfire, shouting, howling and screaming at the top of their voices.
My beloved flounced away and hurried to her altar, with her shivering hands lit a butter lamp therein.
Then she turned back, with hot flushes of emotions, threw her longing hands round my neck and whispered  in to the hollow of my fearful ears with incessant cries and sobs;

“Oh dear! Will you leave me all alone? Oh beloved! Will you not speak me a word? Alas! What untimely has this insolent and thirsty fate wrought my heart to its very bottom? How can I now define my life but in absence of my love? People say that they need their beloveds when they are in need, they say they need them when they feel lonely and to make their livings but I must say that I need you when you are not with me.”     That is the very hour when my powerful eyes simply didn’t have any control over the torrential flow of my tears.  
Within no time were my fellow mates awaiting my coming at our solitary garden below our silhouette. And it was only when her warm hands left my cold bosom that my pale face could no longer hold back its true expressions and my heart broke in to hundred pieces but how would I ever disclose it, how?

She escorted me to my battle mates and straight away I myself became one of them. She didn’t have any word to say save prayers in her heart for I myself was speechless. The moment I hugged our daughter and kissed the lonely lips of my beloved is the moment when my mates pulled me on to a horse and galloped away in to the malicious forest.
I cleared my eyes, looked back and could see her left hand holding our daughter, her right hand was pressed against her heart, she wasn’t at ease, was yelping, saying something quite vivid but I was far away in to the dusts to comprehend her words, hence I vanished in to the wilderness.


After seven years we hoisted our flags of victory at the battlefield and then, with all my hopes and joys rekindled, turned my happy face homeward. “O dear! How much have I missed you? In your absence, I was simply like a plant striving to thrive in the desert, and like a destitute flower longing for its love messenger, the wasp. Come my love come, I am back to you, I would now no longer be able to bear your absence. Come, come close to my heart for I will never be away anymore” was all that clung to my joyous heart as I drove back.
Yester eve I safely reached my garden and prepared myself of my face and hands to hold my beloved. And I walked forward smiling, walked forward and walked forward until I beheld my only daughter nestled in the crossed arms of her tearful cousin and myself standing on a sorrowful grave like a doe who has lost its mother.

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