Somebody sleeping on king's birthday

I suddenly arose from a deep sleep. Then looking at the dark corner of my room, I could discern the switch button of my laptop still blinking, I then tottered forward, with my senses half wakeful, sat at the table and rolled my lazy fingers carelessly over the keyboard.

It was a webpage containing the biography of our 4th King, Jigme Singye Wangchuk, and I was trying to capture its content.   And as I rolled over and over down, it thus read;

I love Bhutan so much, I have seen the king in you tube. I want to visit there.
                   Another comment, karma said;
Long live our king, we celebrate his birth anniversary, 11th nov. with happiness and joy.
                   And yet another;
Joseph Eve;
Long live the king of Bhutan. i have visited Bhutan 10 times and will visit again though im far, once before I die. Lovely king and beautiful country.

Alas! What a wretched, insolent, pestilent, traitor, fool and the beast am I to forget that just few hours later is the auspicious birth anniversary of our fourth king. Cursed be my memory and inflame those wretched keepers of the memories for not reminding me afore time the event, so that after being burnt to ashes, it resurrects in its form so fresh to be able to faithfully carry its assigned tasks.

             Yet another comment;
I love that kid in the pic. I love Bhutan and the king.

Then I have no word left. Nor could I read anymore for my little eyes were incapable of holding back the tears in their sockets. I could no longer respond to my friend talking to me by my side for the words chocked my throat and I felt totally dry and thrilled.

Once again I cleansed my eyes, bid my friend be out, latched the door and wrote;
I prostrate at the feet our king,
So young were you crowned the king,
To shoulder the task that is beyond earth and sky,
When at that age I would be asleep in the little cradle,
You have shone hope and will for your peaceful kingdom.
                 Your gracious Majesty, I fall at your feet yet full of happiness and joy, I unite my heavy palms yet as light as the lightest, and say;
Long live our king,
Happiness dwell his soul,
Be his country wish fulfilled,
And peace be with his humble subjects and the world.


  • Sangay Cholden says:
    November 10, 2011 at 9:37 PM

    nice one and we wish him Happy Birthday..

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