Love at First Sight

Dimly were the lamps lit across the lawn;
Beauties of unknown faces stole my sight;
Of what joy and thrust I had, have no answer;
When my untamed tongue thus said “hi, are u not …”

Of what sudden and of what duration will our time last,
Methinks of the shackles stop the hour hands,
Or will the god bless me with one more min,
For I’ll but let her know of what my longing eyes bespeak.

Lively and wondrous were you smiling from my left;
Melody of unheard voice yet enthralled my ears;
Was I then more cautious of anything unworthy I pronounced;
Or of what position must I humbly attend your marvelous mistress.

Would I be wronged to forsake your smiles for a fairer love?
Am I at flirt to convert your gentle voice a loving kindness?
Did u not see my helpless eyes asking you something forgiving?
For my heart truly had surrendered at the glistening of your eyes.

Unease was I oftentimes whilst we exchanged newer words;
Sometimes did I withdraw of my focused sight from her;
And when in to some unknown directions did I look;
Was the moment when I lost my dearer lady amidst the crowd.

Will I not have but one more chance to behold your amorous beauty?
Or have I grabbed un to any illegal opportunity there withal?
To what silence had my heart resorted in very absence of you?
And of what grief does my ailing heart long every minute?
Are all answerless questions wavering across me like to the flags in the mighty storm.


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