Behind bars of jocund company, unhappy I dwell;
Pleasant as the beauteous palace the city may be,
And as spacious as the golden domes my room is,
Yet the bird has its wings waste in the garden of iron cage.

Little drops of water have its thirsty cup wish fulfilled;
Whispers of unknown love enthralled the blossoming flower;
And I certainly lying afore every visitor for few coins,
Definitely have pleasure removed than circumstances compelled.

In never ending line, stretched down the dark corridor,
Men of confused faces and of varied ages;
Neither an exchange of word nor sight or smile be blest,
Down the dim street, disappear one by one had their mission done.

But him, of all known and unknown faces.
Questions my ignorant heart of all unanswerable queries;
And though the ale does no good in fetching the correct answer,
Yet I often drink as it makes me forget the question itself.

The moment you entered my filthy room has my heart then seized,
Thereafter in the dungeon of miseries has it remained under arrest;
And the agony deepens with the flow of every droplet,
Yet you know not of what you have done to my helpless heart.

Alike gentleman when you but walked in to my rusty room,
Has a surge of tenderness, droplets drawn from my motionless eyes;
Befoul the prostitute’s face, aside you turn while making love,
The other side look I of sheer shyness of love and of prostitution.

Virtueless, unworthy, sexually at thirst, foul race is all the world brags of prostitutes,
But how can I explain and how can anyone understand it?
When somebody’s heart melts and flows in torrents of incessant tears,
You know not of what you have done to my innocent heart.

I know not your feelings nor do I return to pry,
Beyond earth and sky does my encaged love blossom,
Failed courage does resort to silence at your very presence,
Yet cherish your shadow following behind you across the threshold as you leave.

If once a day from the dungeon of my prison cell,
Have I but a chance to behold your wondrous face,
Of all the celebrities and the happiest on this vast land,
Happier will I be to remain enclosed in this dark room.

Will you not come to me tonight and enchant my feelings?
Or ye mighty God, bestow me the courage to ask his only name;
Or until when shall my feelings remain concealed underneath my heart,
And pierce through the bitter scars of my wounded heart?

Aches my heart at the absence of your charming face,
Of painful unrest and intolerable agony undergo my little heart,
If I but hear of my distant beloved, a tale of sorrow,
Yet you know not what you have done to my innocent heart.


  • gayatri bhandari says:
    December 14, 2011 at 9:26 PM

    nice one bro...liked it!!!

  • Anonymous says:
    December 15, 2011 at 5:50 AM

    im guessing this is based on ur own experience lik all the others

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