House fly and Stupid

     Upon a foul age, lived there in the hustle and bustle of a crowded city of Yongphula a fool and his
much-loved kitten whose only narrow survival did manage to thrive through the times the
exhausted fool gathered at the end of the day few coins by paying his service as a waiter
in the nearby restaurant. One bitter night, as he lay asleep with his kitten nestled in his
arms, a nasty house fly sometimes danced on his wide open mouth, and often times
awoke him from his deep slumber infuriating him but to no limit. Like an angered tiger
roaring it unbearable message he flew his blankets off his rusty bed and started chasing
the fly vigorously. He climbed on the table, jumped off the bed, kicked the pots and
pans, and punched the blank walls, yet to no avail. After few hours he resorted to silence
simply helpless gazing at the fly making rounds and nipping at his stuff elsewhere.

     Early morn the next day after sleepless night, the fool left for his regular work. But
before leaving me made sure of the traps he had laid at all corners of his rooms, in
kitchen and at the door. He would never let the fly go away as he had set it at the mercy
 of those malicious traps.
     Then in the restaurant, he attended at the commands of his manager, served the hostesses,
visitors, and cleansed the tables.  At the eventide, a huge, over-weighed, bald headed man entered
and asked for a plate of rice and chicken chilli dry. And the fool served him, placed his stuff on his
table. Suddenly the man asked the fool to watch his food for he had to visit the washroom. The fool
stationed himself at the table guarding the food. After few minutes the man returned. The man, with
his meagre form shouted at him and said “Did I not ask you to watch my food you fool, insolent,
pestilent, hopeless fool? Then what about these flies dirtying the food?” the fool was taken aback by
his venomous words and replied with his humble gentleness, “Yes Sir, I watched your food but since
you didn’t ask me to chase away the flies if they ever attacked  it I just kept watching it”. Then the
solid man pounced on him like a furious cat, punched and bruised him.   The dejected and desolate
fool then at night returned from his work with absolute dejection. He flung his door wide open
banging against the wall behind, wanted to see the fly trapped but to his horrid surprise he saw his
only kitten upside down, cold and breathless. Few flies were warbling around it, humming and then
again flying away.

      His teeth clattered, nerves tinged, the blood boiled inside him and shouted at the traps, ’Did I not
ask you to trap those villainous flies you traps, you insolent, pestilent, hopeless traps?’  There wasn’t
any reply. He then covered his head wandering for vicious idea to trap those desperate flies.

     The next morning he brushed, broke his fast, and dressed. Then he applied tremendous, huge
amount of hair oil on his head and upper garment. He thought that if flies ever dare to come around
him or touch on any part of him would slip away as he had made himself so slippery and would be
 dead.  He entered the restaurant and greeted his manager. The manager like the eyes of an owl and
like the ears of a jackal raised his brows quite above their normal horizon and frowned at the fool,
“Mr. Fool, you have been out of your senses nowadays. What is it of that stink which would crack
ones nose and that wets you so filthy? We would no longer be able to withstand your mischievous
behaviour and unwholesome manners, please leave your service; we would not entertain you
The fool was helpless and he then drove his way homeward.
     That same day he planned to visit the church and did so. He carried the corpse of his kitten in his
small bag and right away was inside the church. He placed himself aside on a low bench and prayed.
Attendants in queue were heading for the blessing of a noble priest and he too followed with bated
breath and modest humbleness. Just few steps away from his turn, a fly appeared out of his bag and
beat against his face, rendered him guilty, and made him sneeze countless. He turned his face in
every direction perplexed and with fright; murmur was raised by everybody that he abruptly left the
church without being blessed.  He disappeared in to the wilderness of the forest nearby the city. As
he walked alongside a brook, numberless flies gathered around him humming and merely deafening
him. Then he knelt down and started digging a grave.  At that very moment a group of hungry dogs
ran towards him barking, howling and roaring. 

After few hours when he woke up, he saw one of his arms missing.



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