Now 5 seasons on earth

     After having taken architecture course, now I myself feel comfortable to present you all, my “ The Five Seasons”.
1.   Spring

2.   Summer                                        
                                                    Natural Seasons
3.   Autumn

4.   Winter

5.   Blind Winter                        Man made Season      

Blind winter has two categories:

a.   It deals with emotions of a man. A person perceives and feels varied and numerous environmental conditions according to his state of mind. A grief-stricken man may feel cold near the fire and warm under moonlight. Though architecture has felt difficulty in tuning itself to such issues, yet it is not far from making efforts to resolve it.

b.   The world where all eyes have been burnt to scorching flames with desires and pride, has been forgetting the very essence of the source of our mere existence. On account of one’s enjoyment and comfort, people involve everybody in the share of their direful after effects.

Pollution and Extinct of resource have now added yet another season on to the earth with threatening consequences.
Architecture and technology are the fields which have been trying to protect man from these malicious effects which always claim our lives no matter what o’clock it is.     Some ministries and departments also try hard to restore the already disturbed peace of nature so alive on this very earth.
But over all it is the unassigned responsibility of every individual to befriend our mother nature so that she lends her warmth and feeds us at her breast with care.


  • Yeesi7 says:
    November 15, 2011 at 1:28 AM

    Human are vulnerable to and with nature. They change with weather and weather is what make them a wholesome person.

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