Heart Under Attack

When once the barren world inside me blossomed
In the presence of your tendering smile;
The long stored handful of love and care with effortless battle
Was my helpless heart seized unasked.

The day you held me first in your arms
Was my heart all brimmed with hope and joy;
But the day you just walked away
Was also the day where my hope and love only multiplied.

What was then and what the next is
Has never flowed in to the channel of my frozen memory;
For the dates of those unattended calendar
Have never been able to measure my hidden gloom.

Happy would I be if I be chanced
To behold your beauty once a day through the heart of my prison cell
But, enow has my heart fallen victim of every hour,
For what I enjoyed most with least contended.

From which time did I feel all alone
Would be unknown to the moving hands of a clock;
And until when shall my heart remain all aloof
Would still be uncertain to the clairvoyance of any superbeing…


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