If there is any worthy word that can describe the feelings of one’s heart, an ascetic hermit would never explore the dark caves of the great Himalayas. The feelings inside of him would at times ask him of rather inexplicable sorrow and at other times would have his little heart enraptured in boundless ecstasy. He therefore sought numberless teachers and learned preachers but his confused face would never show any sign of contentment. He wandered in to thousand thoughts, he never closed his eyes for weeks and started contemplating over the essence of his very existence yet he just had only one thought in all his head and like a faithful dog it had followed his footsteps throughout his entire life.

When the soul grabs on to the body, it is the body that comes in to existence and we know not if we are to survive our soul or the body. The soul that has the potential to fly and hover high above the hills and vales also has the weakness of falling below the depths of sea and ocean. The soul that even has the latent potential to see the things behind him also has the weakness of becoming blind of the things before him. The soul who can actually nourish the body without any external nourishment also has equal weakness of falling a prey on to the food we feed our body with.

Light is not a light when there already is a light and we can never see the light rather than the things in presence of light. Remember, the darkness is just the absence of light. Likewise sorrow is just the absence of happiness. No teachers in this world can teach us anything. They only help us explore what is already present inside of us yet we know not what is there in us.

I sometimes yearn if I would forever live on this earth, but then my barren heart has the reason far removed than the bold claim I make. Yet if we can breathe the air occasionally like the food we eat, I would breathe now and then rest for about next twenty four hours, but how would I.

The moment we smile, smile is more than just a smile. The moment we shed tears, tears is more than just tears and within reason or beyond reason, life is no life where there is life with no life.


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